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Top 3 Hosting Companies

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# 1

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Transfer
Visit HostMonster $3.95/mo

# 2

Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Visit BlueHost $3.95/mo

# 3

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer
Visit FastDomain $3.95/mo
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HostMonster Coupon $3.95 A Month


HostMonster is a trusted and reliable shared hosting company, well-known in the industry along with BlueHost (its sister company). The company has been in operation since 1996. Thus, you can rely on their solid experience in web hosting to achieve online success. More importantly, you can take advantage of all the quality web hosting services that the company offers at an amazingly cheap cost, and the HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month makes it even more affordable.

HostMonster discount coupon comes with unlimited features and the same quality service. So, instead of paying the full price of $6.95/month, you can save $3 every other month on your hosting plan and unlimited features are included in the package.

Here are the top-notch web hosting features that come with HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month;

HostMonster Unlimited Storage

For  half of the original hosting price, you can enjoy unlimited disk storage from HostMonster. If you intend setting up an ecommerce site, you will greatly appreciate the unlimited storage space that HostMonster offers even for half of the original price. In essence, you can set up a website that deals with loads of data at no extra cost!

So, what’s the import of unlimited disk storage? E-commerce websites take up a lot of storage space as well as bandwidth monthly, especially the sites that feature online catalogs, videos plus tons of other marketing materials. The amount of storage space that these applications occupy is simply massive. So, with the unlimited disk storage at only $3.95, you don’t have to worry at all. Even if you do not plan to set up an Ecommerce website today, you may need it tomorrow when you decide to expand your online business. Indeed, HostMonster unlimited disk storage is a great addition to tons of other desirable features, for just $3.95.

HostMonster Free Domain Name

HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month also allows you the privilege of a free domain name. This is one of the great web hosting features and you would enjoy this freebie for one year. This is a feature you would rarely find with many web hosting companies. Once you confirm that the domain name is what you are going to use primarily for your hosting plan, it will be given to you free of charge. Truly, when you consider the volume of efforts required to popularize a newly created domain, you will greatly appreciate HostMonster free domain since the domain is already popular.

Besides, if you were to embark on a fresh domain creation, you will also go through lots of hassle in order to register it. And, you will need to employ all known and unknown SEO strategies to achieve the ranking of the new domain on Google, Yahoo or other search engines. It is even worse when you barely have any knowledge about SEO, which means you will invest money to engage the services of an SEO expert. So, why go through all those hassles when you can jump at HostMonster free domain, much more for less than the original price?

HostMonster Unlimited BandWidth

Using HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month, webmasters can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth. It doesn’t matter the amount of data your website receives and processes, the unlimited bandwidth feature is a great addition to this effect. This is especially obvious and highly appreciated if you intend to create and run e-commerce website.

HostMonster Unlimited Website Hosting

If you opt to use HostMonster web hosting services, one of the excellent features you will enjoy is the unlimited website hosting. This feature is not offered by too many web hosting companies. You can simply host multiple websites on a single HostMonster account and manage all the websites effectively from the same standpoint. Right now, this feature is open for $3.95 per month among other features at no extra cost.

So, instead of hosting different websites on different web hosting sites with the untold management challenges and costs that follow, you can host all of your seven and more websites on just one HostMonster account. The high-version cPanel offered by HostMonster would help you manage all of your websites easily and more effectively from a single hosting account. This is also a great way to save tons of $$$ on multiple website hosting.

HostMonster Free Site Builder

When you think of the cost of building a website and how long you have to wait for the developer to complete the site, you will greatly appreciate the FREE site builder that comes with HostMonster discount coupon. You can set up your own websites in a couple of hours or minutes using the FREE site builder. There are tons of templates to experiment with as you set up your site with the site builder. Even a newbie can easily set up a new website with this tool without any HTML knowledge.

There are tons of other unlimited web hosting features and freebies that come with HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month.

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